Gran Paris Bakery



In Miami it is not uncommon to see a bakery on almost every corner. However, when you come across one that stands out to you, you stick with it. Gran Paris Bakery has been my go to bakery every since stumbling across it one day. It doesn’t stop just at bakery products though. Gran Paris offers an array of foods beyond the typical croquettes, pastelitos (their coconut pastelito is my fav)  and cafe con leche. They offer fresh squeezed juices daily, delicious breakfast platters, amazing sandwiches, and even some healthy salad bowls. Stop in yourself to try something and I guarantee it will leave you mouthwatering satisfied.

A little background? Back in 1968 Miami was blessed with this amazing bakery. Yes, you heard that right all the way back in 1968. I bet you’re wondering about their name. Well, the name Gran Paris is derived from a mix of latin and french. So when you’re feeling in the mood for something cuban but also want a french dessert you can have the best of both worlds right under the same roof. GENIUS! 

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