The Cupcake Galleria



We can probably all agree that south Florida is huge. Some cities are bigger than other and some cities have really amazing eats. Well, in the small town of davie sits a little hidden gem called The Cupcake  Galleria. If you went to  Dessert  Wars Miami, then you probably remember them as being the stand with the longest line and those really attractive milkshakes with CUPCAKES on the straw! Yup, thats them, home of the cupcake milkshake, and a really tasty one too! The husband and wife owner duo, Charli and Dwayne, made Charli’s life long dream come true with this phenomenal shop. You can catch them in the shop daily serving customers their yummy cupcakes and lets be real we don’t see that very often. When i went by the shop to speak about an exciting collab with them i had the honor of speaking to co-owner Charli and getting to know the story behind the cupcake galleria. Its really interesting and inspiring, you can read all about it here. http://www.thecupcakegalleria.com/?page_id=1576

Now the part you’ve all been waiting for. Lets talk cupcakes! So far, Ive tried the red velvet s’mores cupcakes, the coconut cupcake, and the red velvet cupcake shake. I can honestly say.. this place TAKES the cake! We can all agree that there are many bakeries and sweets in this melting pot of south florida, but when you find a spot that sticks out to you, you’ve got a winner. The possibilities are endless from their cookies and cream flavor, to their chocolate Nutella. Your sure to find the right flavor to knock on your taste buds. Have a gluten free diet? No worries they have you covered too. This place does not disappoint so stop by if you’re in the area and if not, its totally worth the drive.

want S’MORE cupcakes anyone??


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