A Magical Twist…



 In Miami, there is a little gem called Cream Parlor. As you can see above they have the cutest little patio area. The Restaurant is owned by the incredible Ainsley. Btw, sweetest and most loving person you’ll meet! Cream Parlor is known for their amazing homemade ice creams such as the “Unicorn Poop” and the “Purple Rain” flavors. However, the fun doesn’t stop there…they offer an array of comfort food too. So when you’re in the mood for something sweet but yet something warm, they’ve got you covered. They like to create fun, and unique items and are obsessed with unicorn just like SoFloFooodie (YAY!) So when Cream Parlor invited me over to create my very own unicorn inspired treat I did not hesitate!




Featured in the above photo is a custom gold dusted cone covered in white and gold pearls, filled with unicorn poop ice cream (of course), topped with gold sprinkles and marshmallows! MAGICAL, huh?

The fun didn’t stop there,

behold the UNICORN latte…


SoFloFooodie loves coffee! So whenever there’s a fun twist available, it’s always a must try. I mean who wouldn’t love a warm latte, smothered in whipped cream and sprinkles then topped with cotton candy?  PHENOMENAL!

I know what you’re thinking…where’s the chocolate?

Coming right up…


Calling all ice cream and nutella lovers!! This golden cup of joy is filled with peanut butter and chocolate ice creams, topped with a cannoli and drizzed with nutella and can’t forget the marshmallows… HOLY CANNOLI is right!

I highly suggest anybody in the area to visit Cream Parlor and maybe you’ll like it just as much as me (actually I know you will). Check them out on instagram @creamparlor !

Thanks for stopping by & enjoying my magical twist with me! <3



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