West Palm Beach Food Tour

I had the opportunity to try out West Palm Beach food tours last month and lets be honest- it was amazing. I had never been on a food tour (yes I know shocker coming from a foodie). So really, I had no idea what I was getting myself into. All I knew was, you go to multiple places and try some signature dishes at each. Let’s take a look into all of the places we encountered during this fun day!

The Blind Monk

The blind monk is a small, trendy place with a large selection of beer and wines. They do a Sunday brunch too! We started off with this amazing Prosecco Mojito.


After that we were given the Tuna Tostada which contains a mango salsa (don’t worry, I had a special one made for my mango allergy).  The tuna was so fresh and it paired perfectly with the mojito.


We also tried the pan con tomato (bread and tomato jam) THIS WAS OUT OF THIS WORLD. Possibly, my favorite from the entire tour.


Next we made our way to HULLABALOO 

Hullabaloo has more of a hippy atmosphere and their patio is the absolute cutest. This is where we had our tasting. We tried the fire roasted brussels and if to be real, I’m not a fan of brussel sprouts and these were actually appetizing.


After we had our sprouts we walked over to Jardin. Jardin is located on the same strip as many other restaurants but the artistic work really caught my eye. Isn’t it pretty?


While we were there of course we had to get our drink fix in so we ordered the Polamalu which is a coconut based drink– so delicious and refreshing!


We also tried the gator empanadas- yes gator, I bet you weren’t expecting that and yes, they were very tasty.


We walked over to the Farmer’s market where many vendors are located. We went to Ganache Bakery where we were given fresh coconut water and the most perfect key lime pie I’ve ever tasted! TWO THUMBS UP FOR GANACHE!



We stopped at a staple for pizza in downtown West Palm, Pizza Girls.

I tried the Spinach and Broccoli slice as well as the cheese slice and both exceeded my expectations. I can see why they are extremely popular.


To finish out tour, of course it had to be on a sweet note. We stopped at Le Rendez-Vous and tried the Apple Croustade w/ ice cream. I really liked that they served their water in old wine bottles. SO FANCY!


The Tour guide was absolutely amazing, and very informative throughout the entire tour. I didn’t realize how much fun I could have trying samples from SIX places in one day, It definitely makes you want to go back to them all and try everything. It’s safe to say I enjoyed the tour so much that I’m trying another food tour this month. Thank you WEST PALM BEACH FOOD TOURS for the experience!

Hope you enjoyed all the flavors of West Palm Beach…



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