Bagel Boyz


Home of the voted best bagel in Palm Beach! Bagel Boyz is a family owned business with three locations. With two being in Palm Beach Gardens and one in Jupiter. The Jupiter location is the original where most of the magic happens.  Bagel Boyz is dedicated to serving New York style bagels therefore, a lot of prep goes into perfecting their bagels everyday….lets take a look!

Behind the scenes

First, the dough is made from scratch using room temperature as well as water temperatures to make the perfect consistency. Once the dough is made it is put into the mixer to get the best texture possible.

Pictured top is the regular everyday dough—Pictured bottom is soflofooodie’s creation


Then, the dough is cut into pieces and sent through the bagel machine creating the bagels.


When the rounds have been made, each bagel gets hand checked for thoroughnes and is hand spun creating the perfect round.


After, they are placed on sheets and cooled in the refridgerator overnight.


Lastly, the bagels are boiled and baked to perfection creating a fresh, warm, and delicious bagel.

Featured below is the bacon, egg, and cheese on a egg everything bagel, SO DELICIOUS!


Some others….

Pictured top is the smoked nova (which is smoked in house themselves which prevents a gooey texture)…pictured bottom is the nova, chives, and bacon egg and cheese.


They also offer an array of sandwiches and subs…pictured below is the philly cheese steak with eggs!


  Can’t forget the self-serve cold brew coffee station!


To learn more about bagel boys…follow them on instagram @bagel_boyz or their website http://www.bagel-boyz.com

…and as always, thanks for stopping by!






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