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In the last couple of months I’ve been trying out different food tours in the South Florida area. A couple weekends ago I had the opportunity to try Miami Food Tours (Tour des Forks). This tour is based in the South Beach area and we stopped at 4 local restaurants.  The tour took approx. 3 hours and not only did we try great food, but we also learned a lot about the history of South Beach!

The first stop of our tour was at The Cafe at Books & Books. This stop featured  “new american cuisine” which included this trio of yuca fries, chips & guacamole, and hummus & chips. I really liked the guacamole here, which was prepared with florida avocados. SO FRESH!


Next, we made our way to a traditional cuban restaurant called Bella Cuba. Whether you’re a local in Miami, or you’re visiting you probably know that latin food is a pretty big deal down here. With Miami being home for many of the latin community, its inevitable to come across great latin restaurant and trust me when I say… it’s a good thing! 

Featured here is the traditional mojito…

FullSizeRender 2.jpgPhoto by @befoodcity (since I lost my mojito photo! Thanks )

and here we have a sampler of empanadas, plantains, egg roll, and pulled pork on top of a tamale …


After we finished our cuban meal we went on to try a peruvian restaurant “Chalan on the beach”. Peruvian food is highly known for their ceviche and for those who don’t know what ceviche is….it’s raw seafood inside lime and lemon juices and often has other ingredients (mango, onions, etc).

Ceviche is pretty high up there on my favorite food lists too!


We also tried another dish from Chalan on the beach and although I’m not a big red meat eater, I have to admit it was really tasty. 

Here is Lomo Saltado which features flap meat, with onions and tomatoes served with fries and white rice.


The walk back was entertaining because we learned a great deal about many hotels, and businesses on the beach. It was also great because we were really able to walk off all the food before dessert, yay!

Lastly, we came to “The Frieze” ice cream factory! They feature ice creams as well as sorbets.  They offer seasonal flavors as well as their regular flavors daily. 

Shown here is the raspberry sorbet (which might be the best sorbet I’ve ever tasted). Also, shown here is the cookies n’ cream! YUM!


I recommend any food lover, tourist, or just anybody in general that is looking for something fun to do… to try one of these tours!

They can be found at http://www.miamifoodtours.com

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