Unicorn Inspired Foods

It’s UNICORN season

From Starbucks fraps to unicorn bagels and donuts…It’s clearly becoming a thing of 2017! Anybody who knows Soflofooodie has learned that we’ve been known as the unicorn gurus (hence the brand logo). Unicorns are fun and colorful making it easy to incorporate into foods. 

If you remember back a couple of months ago, we partnered up with Cream Parlor to make our very own Soflofooodie unicorn inspired ice cream cone. 


THAT WAS SOOOO MUCH FUN!  Now we’ve got more opportunities to have fun with unicorn foods. Earlier this month, we were sent a package of THE BAGEL STORE bagels with the unicorn bagel included…duh!


Next, we have Starbucks with their break-the-internet frap. Some people (a lot of people that is) didn’t seem to like the drink. Soflofooodie, however, did enjoy it! I have such a sweet tooth & I absolutely love sour things so this drink hit my tastebuds. Plus, it was super pretty!


Finally, today we tried THE SALTY DONUT‘s newest donut creation, the unicorn donut. The Salty Donut is known for coming up with new donuts frequently and this one in particular is a collab with STYLE SAVES (which provides teens with the opportunity to go to prom). Therefore, some of the proceeds will go to STYLE SAVES.


See how pretty all of the UNICORN inspired foods can be? It’s no wonder that they are becoming more and more popular. Soflofooodie can’t wait to see who comes up with something next. In the meantime, time to eat!!!! 



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