More than a “McDonald’s”

Last week I went with the @foodietribe to an event at McDonald’s. We were told we would be going on a tour of the back of McDonald’s, and trying the new premium desserts & sandwiches. My first thoughts (honestly) were 1. How interesting could the back of a McDonald’s be? 2. Could these foods I was going to try really live up to influencer standards? 3. They have the BEST COKE so, I’M GOING! 🙂

Upon arrival, we were greeted, seated at our private tables, and given a drink of our choice. Once all the influencers were there, we were introduced by one of the owners, Anthony Lopez. Anthony is the son of Leo & Cindy Lopez, and the three of them together own that specific location along with several other locations throughout South Florida. Anthony gave us a little back story about how the family came to owning McDonald’s locations and it begins with his father Leo, working at McDonald’s at a young age, as a crew member. Ever since then, the family grew a strong bond with the McDonald’s brand and transformed their locations into family-style restaurants. The staff are exceptional people, they are all very friendly, and truly love what they do.

As I took the tour through the back I was immediately taken back by the organization, cleanliness, and upkeep. You would never think how much effort goes into preparing these meals that you get from a drive-thru. However, this location really put things into perspective for me.

food trayfries.jpg

                                 My favorite part….fresh apple pies anyone?

apple pie

Now, let’s move onto the fun part, the EATING! We used the self-serve kiosk’s to order our meals, and the staff delivers it right to your table within minutes. I tried the pico guacamole crispy chicken on artisan bread. OH EM GEEEEE! First of all, anything with avocado, or guacamole is an automatic winner for me but this sandwich….I WAS IMPRESSED! So juicy, perfectly flavored, and all around delicious. 

pico guacamole.jpg

Next up, we have the new premium desserts…offered in many South Florida locations to beat the heat. The desserts include the Strawberry Shortcake Sundae, and the Turtle brownie Sundae. The strawberry option includes pieces of white moist cake, and strawberry topping, inside their world famous vanilla soft serve. The chocolate option includes brownie bites, hot fudge, and caramel, inside the soft serve then topped with pecans. Both include whipped cream for added flavor! BOTH WERE SO CREAMY, and DECADENT!



If your mouth is now watering, go say what’s up to my new food best friends over at McDonald’s & let me know what you think after!






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  1. Who would have thought, being a veteran foodie, that I would be drooling over a food blog on McDonald’s?! I love it. Thanks much, for the review–that I must soon, go to sample. 😉

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