Advice to business owners from the influencers view….

Recently, over the past couple of weeks, I’ve had quite a few business owners express their concerns when using influencers for marketing purposes. Their top concerns? “Is using influencers really worth it?” “Are they really reaching a large audience?”, “We had a bad experience with one.” 

Let me give it to you from the influencers eye. When using an ORGANIC influencer, yes it’s worth it! What is an organic influencer you ask? An organic influencer is one who DOES NOT use bots, buy followers/likes, nor use apps to gain followers/likes. More on how to tell the difference later on in this post.

Let’s talk about what an influencer does…



PREPARING: First off, the time and effort it takes in preparing marketing photos is worth it enough. From the numerous shots taken, to finding the perfect ones, then editing them is enough for business owners to appreciate.  

   POSTING: Whether influencers are marketing on their own pages, or on the businesses page, each post is carefully prepared with wording and/or hashtags. Timing is everything, influencers use strategies to determine the best time to post to receive the most engagement.

   ENGAGEMENT: ORGANIC influencers engage A LOT! Whether it’s on their foodie friends pages, or random pages. Engagement is one of the top strategies to success in the influencer industry. An influencer who engages heavily such as following, liking, commenting on others posts is more likely to have success and strength. Engaging is the aspect that takes the most time and effort, hence why it’s the most connected piece to success. 

ORGANIC VS. NON-ORGANIC ….How to tell the difference?


Honestly, this may be the hardest aspect when choosing influencers unless you’re fairly social media savvy. Often times, businesses often go to the influencers that may have (for example) 70,000 followers. THAT’S THE FIRST  MISTAKE! You have to do a little background research first. Compare their following with the amount of likes they are getting, if it doesn’t add up then it’s probably NOT ORGANICAlso, watch their page for a few days, if you see their followers going up daily by numerous amounts, they probably are NOT ORGANIC followersNext, take a scroll through their followers list…if you come across these kind of pages, THEY’RE FAKE PAGES OR BOT PAGES! You can get these kind of followers by either buying the “followers” or using apps to “gain followers”. These kind of fake followers do not engage in your content. They are simply there just to linger and bring you follower numbers up. Ask for impressions!!!!! You’ll be surprised that sometimes smaller accounts have more impressions. Word of advice?  Sometimes, less is more 😉


Now, not every large account is a NON ORGANIC account. There are many ORGANIC large pages, you just have to figure out the difference and once you do, ALL of your influencer for marketing experiences will turn GOLDEN!

P.S This article is not intended to offend any influencer in particular. This article is solely used as advice to business owners. 





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