Dr. Pepper takes the cake..

Are you a fan of Dr. Pepper? what about a cake lover? If so, then hold onto your tastebuds because what I’m about to share is POPPIN’!

Known for the best selling soda cakes, Cafe Valley has introduced their new Dr. Pepper cake and is it out of this world. Yes, thats right imagine your favorite soda pop upon layers and layers of a moist ring cake then smothered in a sweet icing. YASSSSS!

IMG_2248 copy

A little back story on Cafe Valley, they have been around since the year of 1987. They always strive to use the best of the best ingredients. For example, they use locally farmed eggs, and their butter is extra creamy through methods of slow churning while using sweet cream (fresh of course). You really can’t go wrong when a company collabs with local farmers, and producers to bring the community the freshest, most tasty products! Am I right


Pictured is my very own Dr. Pepper cake. After having it delivered, I froze it while I went on vacation and when I was back in town, I let it sit out for 10 minutes and this was the result :).  Still so moist, and rich in flavor! I couldn’t hardly believe it! It’s not every day that you find a product that remains fresh after freezing methods.

Drooling yet? Head over to a Cafe Valley bakery or check their website to find a retail location near you!  Link >>>> Cafe Valley Website





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