Philadengland™ (Game day food!)

FOOD:  has always been the way to bring folks together, amiright? – Progressive wants to be the reason for the movement of “togetherness”

Did you know….there are 311 miles between Philadelphia and New England? So, Progressive is going smack dab in the middle to serve this meal!


Introducing The Philadengland™ (phil-uh-ding-lind). One part chowder, one part cheesesteak and one hundred-percent delicious! Easy to make but even easier to enjoy, The Philadengland is a must-have for your big event for this Sunday’s game!

We went behind scenes with the chef from Eggwhites special events and catering to watch the magic unfold…


Pictured above is the Oh-so-creamy clam chowder to represent New England fans. Everybody say  “chowdaaaah” on the count of three…



…and here we have the Philly Cheesesteak Fritter to represent Philadelphia fans!


Here’s the link to the Recipe video by @tomcsawyer


Here you can find the Philadengland™ recipe created by a Flo & @foodsofjane

Get cookin’ because this is the ultimate game day food!










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