We’re always getting questions being asked either by DM, or the new questions Instagram feature so, we decided to lay the popular ones  out here!

1. What influenced you to start your page?

I (Shay) was diagnosed with a gluten sensitivity (not celiac, and yes it’s a real thing). I had to start a gluten free diet, needless to say, I was miserable! As a way to cope, we started taking pictures of our homemade gluten free foods (the pictures back then were horrible). After some time, the sensitivity cleared up and I started eating normal foods again but, we continued taking pictures.

Screen Shot 2018-06-18 at 7.02.20 PM

2. How did you get your following?

Organically, on our own. Without any help. We gained most of our following before the Instagram algorithms became a thing. We were able to get to 20k in the first year by just continuously posting content that our audience wanted to see, and of course engaging with them. 95A2D6E7-4FBB-46CB-9EAC-053FC3BDFFE2.jpeg

3. Do you have any tips to grow a following?

Honestly, with this new algorithm, who knows. Every day Instagram is a new mystery and what may work for me, may not work for you and vis versa. There are days we gain a lot of followers, and days we don’t. Instead of focusing on numbers, we just continue to focus on quality content, and engaging with our followers. So one thing we can suggest is just to be consistent and visible on Instagram.

4. Is this your job? 

It is not. While we have transformed soflofooodie into a licensed mini business by doing food photography and social media marketing, it is not our full time job. We are both full time students and work with individuals with Autism by day. We also have an 8 year old, so you already know how busy we can be. This was something we started for fun and grew a little bigger than expected but nonetheless, we love it and the relationships we have formed!


5. How long have you been doing this?

We’ve been doing this a little over two years now but with a 6 month break during that time.


These were just the most frequently  asked questions but feel free to ask us anything else 🙂




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