Round Lasagna using Giusto Sapore 🍝

 Today we’re going to show you all how you can make a delicious lasagna right from your kitchen using Giusto Sapore products (this post will also include a giveaway). I promise it’s not hard at all. When Giusto Sapore reached out, the first thing I thought was “Oh no, doesn’t lasagna take forever to make?” or was it only my mom that told me that whenever I asked for it so she could get out of making it? HA! 

So let’s get moving, shall we?


Pictured above are the ingredients that Giusto Sapore sent us to create our lasagna. These include basil pesto sauce, marinara sauce, olive oil, plum tomatoes, and sicilian italian seasoning. Of course, we added our own meat and cheese of choice! 

We wanted to do something a little different than the traditional lasagna because why not? So, we made a ROUND, MEATBALL lasagna. To do this, we used a springform pan and made our own homemade meatballs (of course)!


To make the meatballs, we used our meat of choice, an egg, and 3 slices of toasted bread (to grind the break we used our nutri bullet). Once they were cooked through, we broke some up to use as a “meat sauce” and we left some whole for the top of the lasagna. 


As with a traditional lasagna, we layered the springform pan. Meat sauce, pasta, ricotta cheese, mozzarella cheese until we reached almost to the top of the pan. It will look like this: 


For the top of the pan, we layered it with meat sauce, whole meatballs, and sliced fresh mozzarella cheese as pictured below. After this, it is ready for the oven. We covered it with aluminum foil and baked it for 25 minutes on 350F. 


Once the 25 minutes is up, we took off the foil and baked another 25 minutes on the same temperature. When done, it will look like this. 


We really enjoyed making this, we ate the leftovers for the next two days, and i’ll admit….we don’t eat leftovers normally. Also, my eight-year-old son ate this and he is a VERY picky eater! So that just goes to show how delicious it was!

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Hope you all enjoy…





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