We’re always getting questions being asked either by DM, or the new questions Instagram feature so, we decided to lay the popular ones  out here! 1. What influenced you to start your page? I (Shay) was diagnosed with a gluten sensitivity (not celiac, and yes it’s a real thing). I had to start a gluten… Continue reading FAQ’s

Let’s Talk Engagement…

By now you've all probably heard about Instagram's algorithms/engagement issues, amiright? Before Instagram rolled out their algorithms, people were able to see posts in chronological order creating instant engagement for everybody. But no... Instagram had to go ruin it for everybody especially us bloggers/influencers that really depend on engagement. So what happened? Instagram started ordering… Continue reading Let’s Talk Engagement…

Philadengland™ (Game day food!)

FOOD:  has always been the way to bring folks together, amiright? – Progressive wants to be the reason for the movement of “togetherness” Did you know....there are 311 miles between Philadelphia and New England? So, Progressive is going smack dab in the middle to serve this meal! Introducing The Philadengland™ (phil-uh-ding-lind). One part chowder, one… Continue reading Philadengland™ (Game day food!)