Viral Cheesecake


The evolution of the Unicorn Rice Krispy Cheesecake

photo courtesy of @fatgirlhedonist

In April 2019, we came up with the idea to make a rainbow layered cheesecake inside of a Rice Krispy crust. We posted it to our Instagram just like any of our other creations. Little did we know it would soon become our breakthrough recipe/moment. Multiple outlets and major news stations reached out to feature our creation which helped it to go worldwide viral.  We had a segment on NBC 6 in the mix which can be seen here. We also had a video feature on Insider seen here. In just a short time, we started receiving many requests for us to sell them and for the recipe from those who lived out of our state/country. We did share the original recipe on our website and it was great to see so many people around the world making our creation. It was such a humbling experience. However, we decided to revamp the recipe a couple months later changing the texture of the cheesecake and decided we would keep the revamped recipe to ourselves. Shortly after, we were able to sell some cheesecakes locally but felt the demand was high so we launched mini versions at a local ice cream shop “Sloan’s”. They were available at the shop as whole mini cheesecakes or as a mini slice on top of a milkshake we curated (see below).

Due to covid-19 this year and the food/beverage industry being hit so hard, we were not producing the cheesecakes as much. However, we look forward to getting back to making large cheesecakes for purchase locally again as well as mini cheesecakes for Sloan’s. In addition to the unicorn cheesecake, we made many other variations such as cookie monster, chocolate, and mermaid.


We don’t know what the future holds for our cheesecake creations but we are so grateful to have so much support along the way and can’t wait to see where the journey ends up next!